Gua Sha

Gua Sha tools and methods are used to decrease chronic soft tissue pain and dysfunction.


Gua sha is a traditional Chinese medicine technique that is used to restore normal circulation, improve functional mobility and increase range of motion by breaking down adhesions.  The goal is to stimulate a healing response.  When we are injured or experience repetitive stress our body forms scar tissue.  Sometimes scar tissue can be laid down either in excess or in a pattern that doesn't allow you to perform your normal activities without pain or limitation.  This scar tissue often has a bumpy texture below the skin and we refer to it as fibrotic tissue.  The Gua sha technique uses a tool with rounded edges applied with deep pressure to begin the body's healing response.  You may have heard of the ASTYM or Graston methods.  These tools use the same theory behind Gua sha.


Types of injuries this technique works well with is chronic muscle tightness and pain, lateral epicondylitis, plantar fascitis and many more.  This is not a passive technique, after receiving a Gua sha treatment it is important for the client to stretch and move the area as much as possible.