About Terry Frye Physical Therapy


Are you looking for one-to-one personalized attention where you are the only one who matters during your appointment?


Are you looking for someone who really listens to what is going on with your injury and your history and will then design a personalized program that will get you back to the activities and sports you love to do? 


You always see Terry Frye PT, no assitant, no aides. She gets to know you and your whole self, not just your injury. She looks for the reason for the pain whether it is mechanical or structural or both and will work with you to fix your movement patterns and relax the tight or shortened tissue.


Are you tired of waking up sore and hurting - or you can't get rid of your headache or lower back pain?


TFPT may be just what you're looking for.  With over twenty years of physical therapy experience integrating effective manual therapy techniques and exercises that really work, Terry Frye gets the results you've been searching for.  If you are motivated to get better, improve your health and go to the next level then give Terry a call today!